Content is the lifeblood of the internet. Whether it’s images, sound files, or text, that’s what drives people to any website.

The headline or the image is what catches the eye of the reader. But it’s Google who helps lead the reader there.

That’s why I teach that Content – Constant Content – is what creates a successful website.

Sure, you can game the system, but I don’t recommend it. Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the search engines are constantly being updated to get around tricksters, and SEO games.

Here are my top 5 ways to build your business or client base by using inexpensive online tools to share and create content:

1. Blog/Articles

Whether you’re blogging with your own voice, or writing about someone else’s articles (be sure to include links to the original) you’re adding your voice to the internet.

2. Video

Today, it’s as easy as turning on your cell phone and recording your comments or insights about your business or niche field. You can get as fancy or as simple as you like, and there are a host of inexpensive tools to use to make it look good. Upload your videos on YouTube and share freely.

3. Webinars

You’ve got a brain full of stories and information that other people would benefit from. Once you’ve set up a YouTube channel, you’re free to set up a Google Hangout (all free) that can be an easy place to start with a webinar. Record it, share it and build your audience with Webinars.

4. E-Books

Take your webinar or blog series and turn it into a downloadable E-Book. You can save it as a pdf or turn it into a Kindle book as a free download. This is a handy tool to use for attracting new clients and customers and allows you to build your relationship with them.

5. Podcasts

Podcasting is a great way to build a serious group of loyal followers. If you’re an expert in your field and you can identify other thought leaders in your field, you’re in a great position to record short radio-style programs to share information. With links from your website and a presence on places like iTunes, you can quickly set yourself apart from the competition as a legitimate player in your field. The cost is low and the technology is available on most desktops.